Adapt to dance

On adaptation, dance, movement, the urban arts and vulnerability and their role in making humans more human. I went to see the incredible Peter Lovatt (dance psychologist) speak the other night. Having seen him at the Dance UK conference (Beyond the body) in Birmingham, I was keen to hear more. His delivery is comical and performative, he wriggles around and illustrates his ideas with participatory dance. His ideas are at once familiar and innovative, owing to the fact he’s placing scientific proof onto my instinctual beliefs. I’m fascinated by adaptation and evolution. In this blog I refer to adaption and mean the improvement of the human race, the diversifying of abilities and honing of sk

An informal unofficial Resolution Review...

Just my humble opinion... Barely Methodical Troupe | Wittmann Dance Company| Trash Dollys Dance Theatre Resolution 2014 Always nice to see a funded piece in Resolution festival, nice to know someone out there is funding new work form young artists. The fact that Barely Methodical Troupe had this funding, and presumably rehearsal time as a result, showed. They were slick, smooth and well timed. Bromance boasted lovely interactions between performers and endearing details, around the theme of handshakes and male camaraderie, peppered their athletic displays of virtuosity. Thoroughly enjoyable. After the opener engaged with themes of modern masculinity, however lightly, the second offering from

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