Final Fringe Inspiration

Contemporary dance and physical theatre is at its most successful when it creates an image that is moving in both senses of the word. To do this well, arguably, the artist must take reality and warp it in such a way that the new image more accurately describes the emotion of a situation than a portrayal of realism would. The performers job is to inhabit the warped image fully whilst cultivating an experience of the reality. Feeling, rather than describing or impersonating. The choreographer and/or director’s job is to create an image, which evokes that feeling in the audience, without the potentially disengaging moment of pure and simple recognition. This process is fully present and skilful


Though the fringe is quite rightly known as an expensive process for performers and makers, and only a lucrative one for restaurants and venues, we perpetually hope that it will be worth it. Whether it be for the raised profile, the programmers, the reviews or the craic... everyone wants to get something from this month of hard graft. For me this year is proving to be a sort of a post-grad course in its own way- and there for, relatively cheap by comparison to what I may end up paying for my masters- once I can decide which to study... As evidenced by this, my second blog post in as many days, I am thinking a great deal this month. The course has four main modules... Study path one: Repetiti

I like / I don't like

Interesting, isn't it... Why I like a piece of theatre and you don't? Or I like a piece of dance and you don't? The Edinburgh Fringe is a melting pot of weird, wonderful and diverse theatre. There is good, bad and just plain untrained. But once you arrive at a certain standard... that's when things get muddy. That's when things get into opinion, personality, or perhaps just the mood you're in. For me, it comes down to vulnerability. If I can see the humanity in a performer, something of their real selves, or simply the raw spine of their inhabited character. That's what I like. For others, its technical prowess that floats their boat... or puns. I recommended a piece to friends. I saw a styl

Telling Herstory at the Edinburgh Fringe

Here I am... about to open with the most challenging piece I have ever made, totally on my own at the biggest theatre festival (arguably) in the world! Some expletives come to mind. BUT I have got here for a number of galvanising reasons. 1. This is story is so so so important to tell. I feel passionately that my anonymous contributors- and every woman ever to have survived a similar relationship- deserve a voice. 2. My crowd funder enabled me to be supported by 44 people and raise an amazing £1040 in two months and that is how I am able to be here. Not just because of the money, but because those people believed enough in me to contribute. 3. ZOO Venues saw fit to invite me for a 16 day run

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