Ancient Modernity #5 – Sacred Difference

Somehow time has slipped by and I find myself in week 4. After our initial teething problems the dancers clicked into my methods and became very prolific in week 2. We have now made at least a rough sketch of all the sections and the last week (and a half) is set for polishing and refining. One thing that has taken a lot of my energy has been the group dynamic. One big difference between the dancers here and in the UK is how personal they are here. This work is not just a job for them; it’s not something they’ve done every day for 20 years. It is passion; it is love. It’s mostly wonderful… But because of that, when people don’t get on, or don’t have a personal connection outside the studio,

Ancient Modernity #4 - On ownership and generating movement

It is the end of week 1. I’m trying to decipher how much the anxiety rising inside me this week has been normal blank-paper nerves- the feeling of being at the beginning with nothing but ideas and a limited time frame ahead- or whether some of it is sensible anxiety brought about by potential problems. Usually in the space of a week I, with my team, produce reams of material. With my regular Joon team back home I can make a 10-minute piece in a week. However, this week has felt slower. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it has induced some anxiety. I think it is really good for me to work slower, to research, to take my time to consider what it really is I want to say. I also don’t wa

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