My voice is not especially important, but it is the only one available to me

My voice is not especially important, but it is the only one available to me. So please excuse me if I use it to express my outrage on behalf of myself, and those around me. There are women whose experiences have touched me, and whose stories deserve to be told. Where possible I advocate for people to speak their own mind, their own hearts, their own pain, and their own triumphs. But if I exclude them from my own creative narrative, I do us all a disservice by perpetuating the divide between us. I believe we are all in the same shabby old boat, rocking in the rough waters of inherited discomfort. We swim on, surrounded by the sewage dumped in days gone by. Sure, it was mostly my ancestors wh

On (Un)Covered, feminism and cultural appropriation

Today I came under fire as a result of publicity for (Un)Covered for cultural appropriation. I am not surprised, nor do I dismiss this persons opinion. She was right to speak out and intersectionality is at the heart of all powerful feminist change. I was not initially intending to cover my hair during this work for precisely this reason, nor will I be presenting the entire work veiled. However, the topic inevitably led me to exploring it and, were I to keep the topic of veiling totally out of the piece, I would be ignoring an enormous group of women for whom what they wear and power is inherently controversial and important. (By the way, I am exploring other masks and head coverings as well

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