Fabulous Animal- movement, function and freedom

“In various parts of the world today, if a woman takes a stand politically, socially, spiritually, familially, environmentally, if she points out that a particular emperor has no clothes, or if she speaks for those who are hurt or who are without voice, too often her motives are examined to see if she has ‘gone wild’, that is, crazy” (Estés, 1992). As women we are all familiar with this problem. Just recently I called out an act of completely inappropriate sexual behaviour and was laughingly described as ‘feisty’ as though it was unusually rambunctious to question his right to speak that way to anyone he desired without regard for her consent or reciprocation. This was at the mild end of the

Fabulous Animal- space for sexuality

“If we try to address women’s basic animal nature, we run the risk of sounding as if we are casting women as only animal-like, or as more animal like than men… as a feminist I believe that frank exploration of the potential animal and mystical elements of female sexuality does not in any way undermine women’s rational, intellectual and professional capabilities.” (Wolf, 2012) In fact, in her book, Vagina, Wolf elaborates on the ways in which being sexually traumatised or threatened can undermine those highly valued elements of women’s lives and in which being sexually satisfied can nourish their creativity and productivity. Her research further proves the interrelated nature of body-mind or

Fabulous Animal - Wildness and Nature

“Wildlife and the woman are both endangered species”, begins Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her iconic Women Who Run With The Wolves. This book, and others, along with my organic discoveries both professionally and personally over the past two years, have led me to a belief in the urgent need for women to re-wild themselves in the context of self healing and feminist progress as well as a parallel need for society as a whole to cultivate appreciation of the wild feminine. In Wild Power, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer assert that many of the worlds problems are masculinity ‘run amok’, a view affirmed by, among others, Grayson Perry in The Descent of Man. Pope and Wurlitzer offer an invit

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