Teaching and facilitation


Pulsation is the basic, the basis and the beginning. We pulsate on many levels, expansion and contraction creates life at a cellular level, maintains life through breathe and facilitates movement into the world through muscular action and rhythmic vibration. Can we also pulsate our attention so that we can be both with ourselves and with others- relating to space, contact, communication or performance without losing inward connection? 


Through imagery, imagination and contact with others, we aim to find fluidity and possibility in our dancing whilst paying attention to our own needs and boundaries. There are invitations to be slow and soft as well as invitations to embrace effort and dynamism.

Every body is a dancing body.


Trained and experienced in...

Creative dance for children and young people


Contakids - contact improvisation for parents and toddlers

Choreography (drawing on Laban's principles and my own practice)

Training for trainers- workshops, mentoring and training in the art of teaching

Inclusive Dance Practice

Dance for older people

Site responsive dance making

Teaching credits include...

Joon Dance 

University Wales Trinity Saint David BA Dance

Labyrint, Žilina, Slovakia

Step Into Dance, London

Rubicon Dance, Cardiff

Groundwork Pro, Cardiff

Monmouth Youth Dance Company

Studio Emad Eddin, Cairo

Rezodanse, Alexandria 

​Artis Foundation, London

Arts Care/Gofal Celf, West Wales

The Glasgow Jam