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Furthest West- among friends

So it seems that my call out from isolation was cosmically answered. In the space of a week I have been proved wrong in my - slightly arrogant- perception of isolation. Eagerness to discover, and willingness to travel, uncover a wealth of possibilities.

I met with Judi of Wales Dance Consortium for a very encouraging meeting. Not only is she available to help sign post and make suggestions for funding, make links and offer support, she also pointed out a few other local names. Among them Gwyn Emberton, just up the road in Aberystwyth. After meeting Judi, I simply can’t wait to install myself in an office at the Torch Theatre and write funding apps to my hearts content (as well as exploring in the adjacent studio of course.) Just got to clear some time... hmm.

Also, its been a week of performances. I saw Lucy May Constantini’s Rituals of Faith and Imagination, a piece I had seen before but not in its best light. Seeing it close up at Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli was a delight. A hypnotic and beautifully performed dance-come-prayer-come-meditation, it was also a reminder that Lucy is not far away, is a contact improvisation specialist and friend. Y Ffwrnes itself is a spectacular building, but suffers a little from discordant management and the majority of staff being council workers. As such the performance was interrupted several times by late comers being unwisely admitted and staff wandering in to watch a little then meander right back out again. Grrr.

The other performance was from SmallPetitKlein of Scotland who came to Span Arts, Narberth. I was somewhat surprised to see this, and more so to see a decent sized audience, though Narberth is a hub of middle class English incomers. The performance was fantastic and I was so pleased I managed to take some of my students there despite hearing about it rather last-minute.

It seems the biggest challenge in the area is really communication. Judi had never heard of me, I didn’t know Gwyn was back in Wales, I hadn’t heard SPK were coming. Time to get my ear firmly to the ground...

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