• Zosia Jo

Telling Herstory at the Edinburgh Fringe

Here I am... about to open with the most challenging piece I have ever made, totally on my own at the biggest theatre festival (arguably) in the world! Some expletives come to mind.

BUT I have got here for a number of galvanising reasons.

1. This is story is so so so important to tell. I feel passionately that my anonymous contributors- and every woman ever to have survived a similar relationship- deserve a voice.

2. My crowd funder enabled me to be supported by 44 people and raise an amazing £1040 in two months and that is how I am able to be here. Not just because of the money, but because those people believed enough in me to contribute.

3. ZOO Venues saw fit to invite me for a 16 day run.

4. I am raising precious funds for Health in Mind who support survivors and do other vital work for people with mental health issues.

4. It’s now or never!

So here we go. Lets raise awareness. Lets say this is not OK that this happens. Lets raise funds for charity. Lets try to move people… Lets do the Edinburgh Fringe.

Buy tickets HERE

You can still contribute to the crowd funding by clicking HERE

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