• Zosia Jo

unoriginal but nevertheless valuable

I would just like to acknowledge with the upmost self respect that nothing I do is original or unique and add - with the upmost LOVE and respect- that nothing YOU do is original or unique either. We are all playing our part and we are so much stronger TOGETHER. In a time of funding scarcity and uncertainty in the arts let’s resist the temptation to mark our work out as THE thing that will change everything or the thing that is needed or OUR voice as the saviour and just acknowledge that wonderful brilliant amazing work has come before and wonderful brilliant amazing work is happening NOW that we don’t know about / haven’t heard of and that (particularly dance work) but also other work that hits a zeitgeist is ephemeral and impermanent. Let’s just say- nothing I do is original BUT that does not mean that it is not profoundly VALUABLE

And it is really really really valuable- whatever creative thing you’re doing, it needs to happen.

I ask this of other creatives because I see regularly that those who are willing to sell themselves as THE thing tend to get rewarded by a system that exists in entrenched capitalism and those whose gentle voices question, craft, wonder, consult and collaborate they tend to find it harder to be heard… so just to add that maybe this openness, this willingness to acknowledge that we are just a cog in an ecology, maybe it’s that that brings you closer to actually being THE thing or something like that

And also it means we can REST- we can sit back and celebrate the work that is happening without feeling erased because we all know that we are playing our part. But we must not erase each other, we must say here I am- I have a valuable thing to offer and also it’s part of a rich history and current ecology of valuable things. That too.

Thanks for reading to the end. x

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